Tim Robinson: Connemara

Harvest Films | 2011 | 57 mins

Director Pat Collins Producer Sharon Whooley  Editor Keith Walsh Camera Colm Hogan Steadicam Mick O’Rourke  Sound John Brennan Music Susan Stenger 

Tim Robinson has been extensively mapping and studying Connemara for the last thirty years. His work has reached international recognition through publications such as ‘Listening to the Wind’, ‘The Last Pool of Darkness’ and his forthcoming ‘A Little Gaelic Kingdom’. Tim Robinson: Connemara is a sixty minute film based on the three Connemara books and a visual interpretation of his work as a map-maker and writer. An exploration of landscape, history and mythology – this film acts as an intersection between writing, film-making and the natural world.

What We Leave in Our Wake

Harvest Films | 2010 | 70 mins

Director/Producer Pat Collins Editor Tadhg O’Sullivan Camera Colm Hogan, Feargal Ward Sound John Brennan  

What We Leave in Our Wake is a filmic essay which unfolds as a series of conversations on Ireland, exploring themes such as emigration, mythology, consumerism, socialism, the place of the church in Irish life, the central role of land in Irish history and the sense of a civic society. Combining images of contemporary Ireland with an evocative blend of archive, What We Leave in Our Wake questions what persists rather than the temporary fluctuations and trends, and talks to some of those uniquely placed to comment on how this country has evolved.

Featuring contributions from Joe Lee, Patrick O’ Connor, Leila Doolan, Iain McGilchrist, Peter McVerry, Declan Kiberd, Desmond Fennell and Olivia O’ Leary and archive recordings of John McGahern and John Moriarty among others.

Living in a Coded Land

Harvest Films | 2014 | 80mins

Director/Producer Pat Collins Editor Tadhg O’Sullivan Camera Colm Hogan/Feargal Ward Sound John Brennan

Based on an original idea by Dr. Patrick J.O’Connor, ‘Living in a Coded Land’ is a poetic and imaginative film essay that makes unexpected links between events and locations, history and contemporary life. The film revolves around the notion of a sense of place and stories associated with place, reflecting on the subterranean traces of the past in the present and probing themes such as the impact of colonialism, emigration, the famine, land, housing and the place of art in society.  Making extensive use of archive from RTÉ and the IFI, the film seeks to explore the more elusive layers of meaning that make up this country.