Living in a Coded Land

Harvest Films | 2014 | 80mins Watch Trailer

Dir/Prod: Pat Collins  Editor: Tadhg O’Sullivan Camera: Colm Hogan /Feargal Ward Sound: John Brennan

Based on an original idea by Dr. Patrick J.O’Connor, ‘Living in a Coded Land’ is a poetic and imaginative film essay that makes unexpected links between events and locations, history and contemporary life. The film revolves around the notion of a sense of place and stories associated with place, reflecting on the subterranean traces of the past in the present and probing themes such as the impact of colonialism, emigration, the famine, land, housing and the place of art in society.  Making extensive use of archive from RTÉ and the IFI, the film seeks to explore the more elusive layers of meaning that make up this country.