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Famine in Ireland: Remember Skibbereen

Famine in Ireland: Remember Skibbereen

Harvest Films | 2009 | 55 mins
Skibbereen Heritage Centre / Cork County Council

The Great Irish Famine: Remember Skibbereen tells the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen and, in the broader context, in the country as a whole. Concentrating on the human aspect of this defining period of Irish history, it includes interviews with Dr. Larry Geary, Professor Joe Lee, Professor Mark McGowan, Dr. Marita Foster and Gary White Deer as well as local historians Fr. Patrick Hickey, Philip O’Regan and Gerald O’Brien.

Dir: Pat Collins | Camera: Ed Kadewski | Sound: Danny Crowley | Ed: Gordon Bruic

Critical Comments:
“The Great Irish Famine - Remember Skibbereen was bracing in its narrative clarity and absorbing in its insights. There have been many films on this general subject but none that so expertly assembled and presented the basic terrible facts and shaped them into a riveting story.” John Boland, The Irish Independent

“Clear-eyed and unflinching... the makers allowed a dispassionate style, allowing the harrowing statistics and haunting illustrations to speak volumes.” Declan Burke, The Irish Times